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Be very careful which service you invite into your home. You may be inviting a "salesman" that will

try and "up sell" you. Their prices in their ads may look good but by the time they are through with

you it will be two or three times the ad price and with substandard cleaning and the large franchises have to pay for their TV ads, so they are going to "up sell". They are "salesmen" first,

cleaners second.

  I am not comfortable doing that. I am NOT a "salesman". I don't even know HOW to sell. I am a CLEANER. That is

all I do. That is all I think about when I'm in your home. If I can't do a first class job then I wouldn't want to even try, and I will tell you why some spots will not come out or why some carpets can't be saved.

 So when you use my service THAT is what you'll get,

a service, I am your friendly servant when I come through your door. I never say I'm "the best", I let my service

speak for itself and YOU be the judge. I have thousands of satisfied customers and I'm with the BBB and

believe in their standards.


Fred P Sarver, owner,